Kumoricon 2011

I went to my first con this summer!!!!!!! We had an amazing tie even though we didn’t really eat for three days and lived on junk food.  We will definitely be saving up for the con next year.  I cos played Amy Pond the first day from Doctor Who, and though there were a lot of Doctors and even a really awesome Cap’n Jack Harkness, no one knew who I was.

The rest of the time I was Ramona from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  There were quite a few Ramona’s!  Though if I had only had the hammer I’m sure people would have asked for a photo.  Though I’m hoping it wasn’t because I’m a little chunky and I wasn’t “hot” enough because though I had fun I really felt down about myself when some girls run around literally in their underwear and slap a squirtal shell on the back and add a bubble gun and call it good.  Don’t get me wrong she looked good but I was a wee uncomfortable.  I expected the amount of nakedness but guess I wasn’t prepared for it.

My husband was Scott from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and he’s who I knit the wrist warmers for.  Next year he plans on papakura a War Machine from Iron Man.  As well as possibly putting together a script for the skit contest.  Putties and a Pink Power Ranger (for me)  and one of our other friend will be Rita.  If we pull it off it will be awesomeness!  I also want to get together my Rogue costume from X-Men.  I’ve bought all the fabric now I just need to sew the damn thing together!  All together we definitely plan on going again next year and maybe we might check out a few other cons like OryCon which is this areas Sci-Fi con.

Here are some pics!