My First Pattern!!!!!!

My husband and I are going to Kumoricon in September and he’s going as Scott Pilgrim and I’m going to do a cosplay of Ramona and Amy Pond from Doctor Who. Scott Pilgrim wears sweat bands that coordinate to the t-shirts that he wears so far I’ve done the green and white ones from the movie, half of the black and white ones, and the last pair I’m going to do is a black and orange one that I know my husband will love since he loves orange.

Here’s the Pattern!
two yarns of your choice in colors in worsted weight
size 7 needles and size 8
darning needle

CO 30 sts. with size 8 needles and then start pattern with size 7 needles. The main colors for this pattern it will be the green and white bands
Starting with main color or White (W)
Knit in stockinette stitch (sts.) for 2 rows
Continue in pattern with green (G) for 3 rows
switch to (W) and continue in sts. for 5 rows
continue in patt. with (G) for 3 rows
switch to (W) for 2 rows
BO with Size 8 needles

I hope you enjoy this pattern 🙂