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The Good and the Bad….

So I guess the bad news first, I feel like I’m totally screwing up in class.  If you have an opportunity to take a strictly online class, don’t.  I hate everything about it other then the gas money it saves me from driving to campus.  I’m not retaining the information, I have no clear idea what my professor expects and because of this I’m doing very poorly.  School use to be so easy for me and University was pretty easy too, why am I having such trouble at a junior college?  Have I just lost all confidence in my abilities to succeed at school, or am I just afraid to move on in my journey????

Now for the good news!  I have a craft room!  The boss decided to let us have the extra room that he used for an office, but he’s never here so he let us have it as part of the apartment.  eventually it’ll also have the in-laws old treadmill too but not yet.  We’re also going to use it as a game room/dining room since we don’t have anyplace to put a table,so it’ll be nice to have someplace to eat a nice meal together instead of in front of the tv on trays.  But here’s a picture of the craft corner!



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