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Week Four Blogging

So the activity is an essay answer thing about The Hollows and to be honest I don’t have that much time or remember that much detail of the book since I read it in 2 days.  So I’m just going to give you a run down of what’s been going on with me.

I’m posting this using my brand new HP mini and I’m liking it it’s perfect for my online classes, and allows me to blog and keep up on my Raverly pages, groups, and forums.  So it’s pretty much perfect, my only complaint is you can’t change the background picture.  Now why the Windows 7 Starter team decided to delete that from the computer capabilities I don’t know it’s not like that 1 or 1/2 a line of code really took up that much space in the program but I can’t do it.  And it’s frustrating, greatly.

My wonderful husband having decided that with me working 20 to almost 40 hours a week and going to school full time has picked up all the cleaning in the house, and honestly does really well till he decided the few dishes in the sink can wait so right now I’m a little flustered since it’s one of those moments he’s decided to wait, and it’s driving me batty.  He also gave me some new sparklys  since when we got married for my band we could only afford one of those really cheap bands from wal-mart so for going to school and being super/ our first anniversary he bought me a new guard ring to replace the crappy band.  I now own 25 diamonds!  For a girl who never thought she’d have 1 let alone 25 I’m pretty happy with it.   Along with other family news we’ve decided to start trying to get pregnant my depo shot runs out on the 11th and since we both know the possibility that it could take a while for my system to get back to normal I’m not sure how trying will end up.

Other then all that stuff I’m been mostly working and going to school which I enjoy but some days I’ve got to tell you I really just want to lay down and forget about everything and zone.


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