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Draco’s Purebloods and Darkarts

This go round of HSKS now were in 12!  We are basing the themes around the new movie to come out in Nov., which I am totally excited for I even have free tickets I’m going to use to go see it!  But anywho back to the original topic of the post, we didn’t get to choose between the four families and we’re placed into them and I was put into Draco’s family which has the colors of emerald and kohl doesn’t that just sound sexy?  I think so I’m looking forward to getting to know our new family seeing as some of the people I don’t know or I don’t know very well.  Well here’s to a new term!


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3 responses to “Draco’s Purebloods and Darkarts

  1. Carrie

    I am so excited to be apart of this house!

  2. Honoria ⋅

    Now while I’m not in your house (sadly enough) I am a fellow Slytherin. Also, the Zephyr set from KnitPicks is wonderful, imo. You should definitely give them a try. *nods*

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