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I Finally Finished!!!!!

I finally finished my Devil’s Snare socks that I was suppose to have compete for April and finished the end of May.  Oh well, the next pattern I’ll be doing is called Burning Rings of Fire in honor of Johnny Cash.  The yarn I’m going to use is from a past HSKS when I was in Gryffindor so the yarn looks like flames, it’s awesome!  I’m hoping I can get my May socks done pretty quickly since it’s ribbing and purl rows and knit row alternating on the cuff for the rings, no lace, cables or tricky stitch patterns.  So wish me luck!

Here is my Devil’s Snare socks in Koigu

And here is the yarn I’ll be using for the Burning Rings of Fire socks


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3 responses to “I Finally Finished!!!!!

  1. Clara Clovenhoof ⋅

    Ooooh I love your Devil’s Snare socks!!! I have had that pattern sitting in queue for a while now. I hope to make them at some point, but your socks are really pushing me to knit them sooner than later 🙂

  2. Wow your socks are great! I want to make these socks now. they’ve been in my queue for a while now!

    I can’t wait to see what your burning rings of fire socks look like. Good luck, it’s the last day of May, did you get the May socks done?

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