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Busy, busy, busy…..

So I’m in Socktopia’s sock of the month club on Rav. and I’ve been trying to finish my Devil’s Snare socks but because I do two socks at once on two circs I’m have to do them one at a time right now on the gusset.  BECAUSE for the technique I use to knit socks the pattern is backwards.  so instead of knitting the heel turn like I normally would I start off on the purl side of the heel flap.  So when I complete that first sock my yarn is in the wrong place to switch over and do the second one.  so right now I have one sock on DPNs and the other on the circs still.  Let’s just say I’m really glad my next pattern Burning Rings of Fire is and easy one.  Nothing but a few purl rows to make the rings.  I’m also using this awesome yarn I got in a previous HSKS that is Gryffindor colors so it’s orange and yellow instead of the classic red but I think it’ll be perfect for the Johnny Cash tribute socks!


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