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Farewell to old friends…..

Today I learned that two of my favorite podcasters we’re ending their show and locking and archiving every place they we’re on the net.  For reasons literally dealing with life and death.  I totally understand and wish them the best and have even left the Lime and Violet group on Ravlery because they wish for it to be deleted.  However, I really ish that they would’ve done one more show to say goodbye I know they posted something but I would’ve really enjoyed hearing their voices say goodbye even if that’s all the said, no theme music or synchronized “I’m lime and I’m Violet and this is Lime and Violet”  just a heart felt goodbye and it was nice to meet all of you.

I wish both of them a wonderful life.  Violet I hope you continue to have the wonderland you do in NC.  And Lime and KB I wish you both the married bliss of two people that are in love like I believe you two are.  Many wishes and blessings to you both.

And to end on a somewhat happier note as Miss Lime and Violet said check the boobies and do it often!

Thank you for the wonderful years of joy and learning I received through listening to your podcast.


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