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Homework #2 Transfiguration……

So the item I decided to transfigure was Spectrespecs because I love Luna and I had an instant idea!

Here’s my originality marker:

And here’s my transfiguration supplies:



Do I looked like a “demented, multicolored owl”?

The Golden Snitch Transfigured from:


Next I transfigured a Bowtruckle (though not very well I might add) Here’s my materials:


Next attempted to Transfigure Rock Cakes!  Here’s what I started with:


After the Rock Cakes I Transfigured a Decoy Detonator from:


After that came the nose-biting teacup very deceptive if you don’t know how to uncover the teeth!  Here’s my materials:


Next I did the Time-Turner, mine was done in silver…


And last but not least of the items I transfigured today was a Remembrall


Now my Transfiguration homework is all done yay!  However here’s a little Easter happiness of Hogwarts togetherness!


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2 responses to “Homework #2 Transfiguration……

  1. Love every one!!! Great job 😀

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