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Update on the Casting Call…..

So mom and I waited in line for 8 hours in the lovely Northwest weather of rain and extreme wind at times and of course coldness.  And I who really doesn’t ever wear make-up had eyeliner and everything else running down my face.  So on hour 8 we are 20 feet from the door and they come out and tell us that there are just too many people and they were sending us home.  20 feet from the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which I understand because there were 3 lines inside the convention center but still 8 hours in line and didn’t even get in the door!  And I was soaked my feet were drenched and numb from being soaked and standing for 8 hours straight.  So yeah.

However yesterday I got an email from them inviting us to send in a tape that would be set aside form the other tapes since we had stood in line in Portland but I don’t know I honestly don’t know if I’m big enough to be on that show I wear like a size 18 or 20 and comparatively mom and I were not as big as some of those women and men standing in line, so I don’t know if we fit the bill for the Biggest Loser since comparatively over the years the contestants have gotten bigger and bigger each season.   Although if my momma wants to do a tape I will do a tape with her because I’ll support mom through whatever she wants to do because she always has me.


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2 responses to “Update on the Casting Call…..

  1. Penelope of Flitwick ⋅

    Well that must have been disappointing to be so close to the door and have to go. I think that you are a very sweet Daughter to support your mom! I was very close to my mom as well. Hope you have a nice holiday!

  2. Cat

    Chello!! Just dropping by my fellow Slytherin’s lairs to wish them a happy Easter!!

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