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Homework #1

Well the three characters I choose are Luna Lovegood, Nymphadora Tonks, and Lastly Rowena Ravenclaw.

Luna is my first choice and I chose Luna because she is who she is. She’s cooky and mystical and I love how incredible insightful she can be when you least expect it. I feel drawn to her because I feel I’m a bit the same way, I’ll be sitting there and all of a sudden I may say something that makes everyone laugh because it was out f the blue or make them think about their situation in a different way then before.

Next I choose Tonks because who doesn’t love her kick-ass attitude and the fact that she tries so hard to keep that outer shell intact. I love how she hates her name because I hate my own muggle name Jennifer and go by Jen or Jenny. The only one who can call me Jennifer is my momma.

Rowena Ravenclaw was my last choice and I choose her because I really don’t know much about the founder of Ravenclaw. and would like to learn more about her, but that’s really all and I don’t really have any personal draw to her.


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4 responses to “Homework #1

  1. What fun choices!!! 😀

  2. Hey welcome to Slytherin!

  3. Penelope of Flitwick ⋅

    Hi Emma. Let eh stocking begin!

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