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Grrr Technology….

So yesterday I tried all day to make my blogger blog’s comments work to no avail, which is why I’m now on word press!  However, word press is way different then goggle’s methods so it took me a couple of hours to get everything set up.  And I think I like the look of the word press much better because it doesn’t crop my meez funny and as long as I choose the correct size for the pictures in the side bar then all that comes out right too.   So I’m looking foward to a long relationship with word press for sure!

On other grrr topics,  my husband is an a-hole when we sleep because either he kicks me, scratches me with his talons of toes nails, shoves me almost off the bed, steals the covers, or when I ask him to move over complains he has no bed either which I know is bs because I’m literally on the edge of the bed.  So I wake up pissed off and he wakes up wondering why I’m mad because of course he doesn’t remember anything!


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One response to “Grrr Technology….

  1. Meggie

    OMFG I love your new blog! WordPress takes a little more work and some time to get used to but it’s teh awesome.

    My DH a few nights ago woke up told me he’s not the boss. He woke me up for this, I was just falling asleep after not having more than 5 hours sleep in a more than two nights! I didn’t get mad at him since he talks in his sleep. I did try to ask him what he meant. I mean if he is going to wake me up I have me some fun! Well he ended up snapping at me telling me not to keep him up and he is tired and needs his sleep! WTF! Men! I also get beat up in the middle of the night! He’s over 6 feet and I’m 5’1″(thought I could round up an inch) I can so relate. I think it’s time for you to get a video of this “abuse” to prove to him how much of a jerk he is in his sleep, lol. Maybe he will be a little more empathic when he wakes up and you are all pissed at him!

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