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I can’t wait for this weekend! On Sat I’ll hopefully find out what house I’m in and at 3pm I’m going to a mother daughter tea with at least my mother in-law maybe my own mom at my church. Then on Sun. mom and I are going to Portland for the Biggest Loser casting call and need less to say I am very, very nervous about it. What if I make it? What if I don’t? I’m really, really stressin’ about it, but we’ll see what comes of it.

As for newly wed life, since we haven’t had a car for two weeks we’ve had to rely on friends and family to go place and in my husband’s case his bicycle to get to work. Needles to say he’s really sore. It’s kind of making me feel like we don’t spend any time together anymore and we’re not as close as I thought we were. Maybe it’s because we never really get to spend quality time together like I want since he works all the time and there’s always a 3rd wheel around if we go some place lately that I feel left out most times. I’m hoping once we finally get out truck back we can go do something together, just the two of us, He really wants to go to the zoo 🙂


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