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It’s March 22nd and that means I just followed the portkey to the sign-up form for HSKS 10, YAY!!!!!!!!!! I’m hoping to get into Ravenclaw again since I’m more Ravenclaw then anything else or at least I believe I am! I’m excited for these new kit types too, they’re character kits so we build a kit around their favorite character it’s going to be really fun and creative on all our parts which I think is great since we are crafters and creative by nature.

I’m still not sure if I want to do quidditch or SPEW since both you have to knit a lot of other projects and send them places which I don’t know if I’ll have the funds for. Though I’d love to do SPEW since it’s for charity and I miss doing charity knitting since I’m not at college any more I haven’t been looking for those things. The charity is for premature babies and is called Stitches from the Heart Here’s the link so you can check it out if you want. So I haven’t decided how involved I want to be yet.

Another reason I’m kind of hesitant to do quidditch and SPEW is that I’m involved in a sock of the month club through Socktopia’s board on Ravlery. It’s an idea from the Yarn Harlot where instead of spending hundreds of dollars on the company ones you use your own stash and patterns and make 12 kits for each month of the year. So far I’m on track though I had to catch up in January because I saw the thread in February and couldn’t say no to a FREE sock club with quarterly prizes and the chance to win a skein of Wollmeise, which we all know is the holy of holier yarn from Germany and the rest of the world, but here’s the catch you must complete all 12 pairs. Here’s my first 3!


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  1. Woo hoo! comments 😀
    You can indeed do quidditch! All positions except for the captain are on a game by game basis, which further helps one’s availability. Plus quidditch only lasts for a duration of 3 hours during the scheduled day and time. We know our swappers have a life outside of HSKS with family, friends, making kits, and working on other projects. So even if you can’t play in a game during quidditch, you can still help the team by cheering ^_^

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